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Rubicon Science is able to supply all spare parts for Knauer equipment, including for most discontinued instruments. This page lists some common Knauer spare parts, including pump heads, back-pressure regulators, bushing kits, check valves, deuterium lamps and osmometer consumables. Accessories include the range of Knauer pulse dampers.

For a full listing of all Knauer accessories, spare parts, small parts and consumables scroll to the bottom of the page.

Pump Parts

Common Spare Parts for Knauer Pumps

We can supply spare parts for all Knauer pumps, including many for discontinued models. Please contact us if you are unsure of the part number of the part.

Pump Heads
Spare & Replacement Pump Heads
Back-Pressure Regulators
Back-Pressure Regulators
Bushing Kits
Bushing Kits
Piston Rod
HPLC & FPLC Piston Rods
Check Valve 10ml
A06841: Check valve unit 10 ml for 10 ml pump heads (AZURA, Smartline, BlueShadow)
Check Valve 50ml
A06842: Check valve unit 50 ml for 50 ml pump heads (AZURA, Smartline, BlueShadow)
Pumps Seals for 10ml pump
A1514: Set of gaskets for 10 ml pump head, for AZURA, Smartline, BlueShadow pumps.
A0763: Set of gaskets for 50 ml pump head, for AZURA, Smartline, BlueShadow pumps.

Spare Parts & Consumables for Knauer Osmometer K-7400 & K-7400S

We can supply consumables and spare parts for all Knauer osmometers

K-7400s Measuring Head
K-7400s Measuring Head

Spare Measuring Head, Part No. A0840-2

NaCl Calibrating Solutions
NaCl Calibrating Solutions

Deuterium Lamps for Knauer UV Detectors

Deuterium Lamp 35W
Deuterium Lamp 35W

Deuterium lamp, 35 W, for Smartline 2500 and 2600 UV detectors (A4071)

Deuterium Lamp
Deuterium Lamp for AZURA & Smartline detectors

Deuterium Lamp for AZURA UVD 2.1S, UVD 2.1L, DAD 2.1L, MWD 2.1L and Smartline 2520 detectors (A5193).

Pulse Dampers

The Knauer pulse dampers combine high damping performance with reliable membrane-free assembly and easy implementation into the HPLC system. Especially when working in low concentration ranges, they can significantly improve the detection limits of trace components by reducing fluctuation of the baseline.

Knauer high volume pulse dampers are available in stainless steel and PEEK. The low volume pulse damper is available in stainless steel.

For more information on Knauer’s Pulse Dampers CLICK HERE

You may be interested in the Knauer technical note comparing the performance of Knauer pulse dampers to two competitors’ dampers.

Comprehensive listing of all Knauer Accessories

For a comprehensive listing of all Knauer accessories, spare parts, small parts and consumables go to the Knauer website at