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Valves & Dynamic Mixers

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We can supply a wide range of Knauer manual and motorized valves for use with Knauer equipment or as stand-alone modules. We can also supply Knauer’s range of dynamic mixers, in stainless steel or titanium, with connections for 1/16″ or 1/8″ fittings.

Knauer Valves

Valves are ubiquitous in all (U)HPLC, FPLC and dosing applications. KNAUER offers a wide range of valves for injection and switching. Multi-position valves are used for fraction collection, eluent selection or column switching. The materials and the specifications can be choosen to fit your individual needs.

Manual Valves

Knauer supplies manual injection valves with 1/16″ (UNF 10-32) and 1/8″ (M8 x 1) outlets, with 6 and 8 ports. For the full range of Knauer manual valves go to Manual Injection Valves for 1/16″ & 1/8″ capillaries

Motorized Valves

The Valve Unifier VU 4.1 is a smart valve drive/actuator with RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification). It features automatic valve recognition and adjusts torque and switching speed specifically for each valve. Therefore, only one valve drive is needed regardless of the valve from analytical to preparative scale. 

Valve Drive

Each valve head is equipped with an RFID tag that stores all relevant data. This data is read wirelessly by the VU 4.1 valve drive and the switching parameters are automatically adjusted. For example, a 1/8 inch valve with 2 mm bores, due to its size, requires a higher torque than a 1/16 inch valve with 0.3 mm bores.

GLP data such as number of switching operations are monitored for easier planning of maintenance to minimize wear-related downtime.

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Valve Heads for the VU 4.1 Valve Drive

Knauer offers a wide range of valve heads for the VU 4.1 valve drive, with 6, 8, 12 and 16 ports of 1/16″ and 1/8″.  A special DLC coating (diamond-like carbon) offers a significantly lower coefficient of friction and enables a long service life and chemical resistance. Ultra-fine bores ensure a low dead volume. In combination with the rotor seal made of a pressure-resistant polyimide, these new valves are suitable for pressures up to 1200 bar(~17,400 psi)

6 Position Valve
8-Port Valve
12-Port Valve
16-Port Valve

For a table of all the Knauer motorized valve head options go to Knauer Motorized Valves

Knauer Dynamic Mixers

Knauer Dynamic Mixers can be operated together with a high or low pressure gradient system to effectively homogenize various buffers. Only a small space is needed in the lab due to the compact and robust design of the mixing chambers. Various mixing chamber volumes can be achieved through changing the number of mixing chamber segments, thus catering for different flow rates. The mixers are available with 1/16″ and 1/8″ fittings and in stainless steel and titanium.

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Table showing the specifications of the four models of Knauer Dynamic Mixers.

Dynamic Mixers Table