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Chromatographic Tools for a High-Yielding mRNA Purification and Production Process

This excellent presentation from BIA Separations discusses how monoliths and chromatography can be used for fast, easy purification and production of high-yielding mRNA.

The presentation covers the following:

  • The benefits of mRNA therapeutics.
  • A mRNA production process overview.
  • The in vitro transcription production, raw materials, products, and contaminants.
  • The mRNA purification toolbox available.

The isolation and linearization of the pDNA is covered first, followed by the four monolith column types used in the “toolbox” for the capture and polishing of the mRNA, namely:

  • Oligo dT18
  • PrimS
  • C4 HLD
  • SDVB
mRNA Toolbox Thumbnail
Monoliths Columns for mRNA Purification

For a copy of the presentation (PDF 2.3 MB) CLICK HERE

The chromatography chemistries discussed in the presentation are available in all the CIMmultus monolith columns size options, from 1 ml up to 800 ml column volumes.

For more information on the BIA Separations CIMmultus used in this presentation, go to our Columns & Media page.

CIMmultus 1ml Monolith Column
CIMmultus 1ml Monolith Column
CIMmultus-4ml Monolith Column
CIMmultus-4ml Monolith Column
CIMmultus 8ml Monolith Column
CIMmultus-8ml Monolith Column

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