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Continuous hydrolysis of β-Lactoglobulin using immobilized trypsin on a CIM monolith.

This Application Note from BIA-Separations looks at the hydrolysis of β-Lactoglobulin (β-Lg) by a trypsin solution and compares it to hydrolysis with trypsin immobilized on a Convective Interaction Media (CIM ®) monolith.

A monolithic chromatographic support, such as Convective Interaction Media (CIM®), enables mass transfer of molecules within its channels exclusively by convective flow. This results in enzymatic conversion which is not limited by diffusion, making CIM® monoliths ideal for the preparation of immobilized monolith enzymatic reactors (IMERs).

BIA Separations offers CIMac™ trypsin IMER with a bed volume of 0.1 mL as an analytical platform for mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics. Larger volume IMERs in the CIMmultus™ column format (up to 80 mL) are available for industrial scale production of protein hydrolysates.

CIMac Monolith Column

CIMac™ 0.1ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus 1ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus™ 1ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus-4ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus™ 4ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus 8ml Monolith Column

CIMmultus™ 8ml Monolith Column

For a copy of this Application Note CLICK HERE (PDF 670KB)

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