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Purity Analysis of mRNA using CIMac PrimaS™

CIMac PrimaS™ is a new monolith column range of high performance chromatography products for analysis and purification of mRNA.

The positive charge of CIMac PrimaS gives it some anion exchange behavior but hydrogen bonding makes its selectivity entirely distinct from traditional anion exchangers. QA and DEAE anion exchangers need to be heated into the range of 50–70°C for large mRNA to elute. In contrast, large mRNA elutes from CIMac PrimaS at ambient temperature in an ascending pH gradient because of the presence of the hydrogen bonding.

This Technical Note from BIA Separations looks at the separation of large ssRNA from DNA using CIMac PrimaS at ambient temperature in a pyrophosphate gradient at pH 8.0, 7.0 and 6.0. This methodology is then used to demonstrate how unreacted in vitro transcription (IVT) components and pDNA can be separated from ssRNA at pH 7.0 and room temperature.

CLICK HERE for a PDF copy (1MB) of this Technical Note.

To download a copy of the Product Sheet and Instruction Manual for the CIMac PrimaS column CLICK HERE.


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