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Perhaps there are extra uses for Knauer HPLC & FPLC components that you hadn’t thought about?

Knauer high pressure pumps are designed and manufactured in Germany to produce some of the finest HPLC, FPLC and dosing pumps in the world. But in these difficult COVID-19 times we thought that, for a bit of fun, we would come up with some other uses for Knauer pump components.

HPLC or FPLC piston rods for earings
HPLC Piston Rod

The piston rods in Knauer HPLC and FPLC pumps are made of either cream-coloured zirconium or milky-opaque synthetic sapphire. They are ultra-smooth to prevent leakage against the pump seals at high pressure, and they also look rather fabulous! So, we thought, why not use them for earrings as well?

Using an HPLC part for a nose ring
HPLC tubing connector

The stainless steel used in Knauer HPLC systems is of the highest quality available. So why not use the pump capillary connection as the perfect nose ring?

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