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Cannabis Producer: SMB Pilot System for continuous cannabinoid production

Efficient purification of cannabinoids from cannabis

Full Cannabis Producer System

It is a major challenge to extract high-purity pharmaceutical active ingredients from natural products at high yields. This also applies to the cannabinoid sector. Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography, as a continuous LC method, sets the standard for productivity, purity and yield.

This AZURA SMB pilot system “Cannabis Producer” is dedicated for the continuous production of cannabinoids from cannabis. The Cannabis Producer allows the continuous separation of mixtures of substances and extraction into two fractions. High purities and simultaneous yields of up to 100% distinguish this process from conventional preparative LC methods.

Cannabis Producer SMB System


The system features four preparative Pump 2.1L and seven multi-position valves integrated into four AZURA Assistants ASM 2.2L.

The three system pumps are equipped with 500 ml/min stainless steel pump heads, enabling volume flows of up to 250 ml/min inside the SMB cycle.

Cannabis Producer Feed Pump


The feed pump works with a 100 ml pump head and can thus also precisely dose the feed in the low flow range.

Cannabis Producer System Capillary Setup

As a complete system, the Cannabis Producer comes pre-installed in a cabinet of dimensions 1300 x 870 x 1000 mm (W x D x H).

Additional components, for example flowmeters, can also be integrated into the system. The product streams and the column inlets and outlets are situated outside the cabinet, ensuring fast and easy connectability. The presence of easy-clean stainless-steel surfaces, anti-static wheels and leakage tubes mean that the cabinet meets all the requirements for production areas.

Because of its mobile design, the AZURA SMB Pilot System can be easily transferred by the customer between different production sites.

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